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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  February 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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menu. all tt a fht in america. >> bit of abay. >> staffnd se >> aem mem ofheamily ow o thevi and we c s a of acugog o b t scene as well. >> w isng ? a t beeng leth. bause som beef li wa't otheme. >>rder somhing else. >> they are hang >> t smart thild be to ve snd sitdo. >> tyidot get ae like this over something on nu>>ndultiplnews. that's f at's false advertising.
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it's swingp le that. and it' and it's the competo rolled over onhe side. both cameras catchg this. theuys wit their haed hands up. th're ain foromelp. >> adam slams on the break. this is a other car go rn by. one of t guys is tre. an look o for t truck am. am gives itom gas. theyight their race car. >>f you wantust racg you're als racing the rac itse. so the fact that it's no longer a fact, he's liki gotou back. >> it couldn'tnd tre but thanks to adam their race d continue. howerhe team lead by dewayne an the guy in the buggy there
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they entually wound uptaking theirar but adam herlimb all the way up to 7 place. however he alsoid not finish the 115 miln this secti because o mnical issuesf hisow t becse of this sma bit of de ttas put u ooo l. peop justovedhis exprsion ornsh. hundds o commen. it's made up of many acte duty and vetermari, also navy an . the team made a small tribute to a company. that's also whyt explai he had a team tohe. d en though he didn't acetill bee this iawom sportmissio >> there's shana with her little girl and h little girl asked
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we're just mting friend of yours but that gn, there's somebody much morempornt th jusa friend. >>oh, tha so sweet. what's going ore? whe h he been? overseas. daddy has c home. this is mary mecong. ey never g ll. they always touch your heart. little girl di't know that daddyas coming home. it was a surprise f her. >> is nev lting g o his neck. >> the nex one,ls precus, th ones waiting bab to mom is eti babber four th bte waiting for ttle sister mom is 29eeks a o day. b s
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can we ? >> il respd. they'lsw. >>ay you shod let him sten to trigsi he is not even yet. there's ady sibngiv betwee tsetw pe cu >> the polic are her to keep usafe butre somethis eyan't evenrotects from bee the'tee icomi >> it pulled over tock o eerson in thi par enhien. >> o myness. how d that happen? t was like a csh test. youee officer asnishedbeuse,wait, what? >> the rriver ink w jeed away witut evenooking wt w g otraight
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anick ason upnd carrie them to the side of the ad. you see the person in red car struggle out. just a macle that they're alive. moving on,,. >> i see lotsfxposedn and ian t of is roadrash >> no road rash. just moreikeoad deness. see these fellas. thng to re uphead us. when thepot the police, pop a whee a they think that they're cool. they're going to do a little thumbs. that was really dumb. >> the person riding behind di't auall anticipate it. >> now they think it was me >> they don't thi it wm. cops pull up next to hisuynd.oly . inhin o world,ne on, wet no >> see w the forces strong
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when your skfeeling drand crkly, ti for gold bondinloti>> cloptioning prod h 7 moistud 3 vimins. leaves skin nour h hey-ok go bond. ty >> they h decided to once again. buthisime they mht be a bit confused. >> wt's inside is giant rubber bands. >> rber band >> you knowhat i'd go with that one too. but that's not what the venue is about. these guys decideo have se fun wating wt happens a i have to be honest it' very, very satisfying
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bas on their tables. >> thisne here weighs 14 pounds. probably took a year and af to me andhey hav another one here f they're a fan o this and snt six months building because t last time th tried to do thishe cama wasn't. >> oh. >> so what they do is ty just get to the giant riverand ball and get this circular saw and started cutting intot ands e energy starts to relee it opens u a suddenl -- >> it's like active i. i guess it's going to bounce li that. >> all of tt time wentnto it i honestly thoug this w a rely d ideut it' super cool. >> right. >> and it's already over a million views youaw how compacty were. ju looat howany rubber bands there were whenheyll
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>> so it turns ot's ay queeresing. >> w wouldn't l to have a dayikethis.givee ks to thferrari. this o has a cef nice custom parts. thankful thankfully it's going to light it up for us. >> whatre you gng too w all por? you don't wanoe su this power a speed on roads but tt's exactly wh thi gdo. oh, put the put the hammerown my friend. >> i't that bel? that's what scenery looik when it's smeared. >> it's so fun t see this. modified in an environment where can run freend sound great.
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a driver that knows what he is doing. >> the guy is behd the wheel of red ferrari. he has g the working with him. he's going to help ts guy maneuver what i asme to a grand new rrari. this has bee going onor awhile. why would this person get the camera out. >> you see this guy being gentle with the c when i s ts guy doing a good b. ere's a reasonhy thi video isng vir. ea. >> wo that was more than i expected ihat maybe atap. not a tap and crashnd crumbl i just imagine thisuy trying to park itverthere. i'll i'll oming soon tb near u. >> this video avedor a
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dad. >> a star destroyer is hovering asom walks the two bies down t path. >> my fatheras it. my father d kilo ren from star wars the force awaks. >> iav has it >>vebon family has the the force is strong whe ch o. tsmm irl one man, womaill get no sleep. strs, the babies awen. >> created magic. >> exactly.
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lliam dder sai his wife lethi aw tra f s w e for awakenndhis is at ty camep witho annoce thahere havg a by. onlyookhem day t sotat. a week editecausehey got help from fat head media. it's good and cute and i like the fact that ty're using t litt voice. rock cmbing taking it to another level. see what the thrusting is all 25 an inting collection. >> through the couef his collection he had or 800 ai. currentl he hasbout 200 o them. find out which plastic cirar. t d uhahhat. nkut it re higher love
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i'm calling it the "namur price tool" phase. ater. >> now >> now youan watch video while you wa. is the cure for rede >>atch boomic book lib item th that people enjoy. tryi to build the collection up what about plastic garden chairs. >> hello. they we going to go throu the t 25fyos favite plastic chairs. >> is bri par's top 25 favoritelastic chai. >> 25. is chair madey rubbermaid. . this 1986 chair. >> he kws what brand manufacturate a the name of the chair.
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that g into it. >> 13. the decative c has compa on the back. >> but the number one chair. >>he one that started itll. ma. the chair that spawned t tire industry >> wow. >> it's a lite funny. it seems quite range. i w iried b this deo. i dug a little b deeper and foun an inrview. >> look at i like a 57 chevy. >> throu theours ois selectn he h ove 800 chrs. ad 200 o them and this me y a much broad ssion. >> actuall i don't know i funny is the word to stay about au autism just doeshat you. itlake y obsse over strang things le plastic chrs.
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it makes sense. he's foundomething to keep him focused ande found something that he's psionate about. i' all about th autisti people see t wor in cply dferent w ometim theag in the cpletely inane. >> if you're curious abouthe furniture in yourackyardhet the plastic chair worldou he has iividleos of many different style chairs you may find one that looks familiar to you. >> it's the largest product of e entire 10s decade wn co touing the most c't li. i hehis veof pplet t rely tse guys iawai sut blackine and me it look superas and beautiful. >> i don't know tt i h a real desire to do this but wish i could anyway. >> you don't wan topend the ti e. it wld be cool. ts a g pla to go do
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ha to do to gett s. >>he sw you everything thatitkes. th little detaitak not jo love t tomfas b often times we see ly the scessful walks ac the li. in tsne we some of the ys falng rightver t line. >> sllup ol. took themonimeo actually make thi hpen but over the course of t day they were ableo cture thisup ol video. now fm f lining to rock climng, this guy has some moves. >> ce on. >> twerk climbi what's going on here? >> tryin shake some rocks looser something. >> no, he is trying to pull the gear outf the wall. >> that's exaly what it's degned to do. >> that's whyou have th. u p itnd ioesn't ce out. >> you say well, it' working. doingt'sjob. >> it's rll nny.
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stuck up tre because ty keep on laughing. messing
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what ppens when this >> g ready to startdrng gi you oreo i camed >> cookies ailk a on kind of. thissbarry. somebody wte in and saidou ouldak this repeyou need a pin of ice cam, cookies dcream,eo cookies d self-rising flower implengh. >> tn thekies into umbs. get the ice cream at roo temperature. mix it together with t flour. >> want some. pread it io a bread p andoo lik an ice cream cake but it's not because oe it come t.
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i don't kw w discoved you cod use ice cre f thi purpose thanku. >> b think about it. it'sot bter, fat, milk. >> sugar. >> a t things y would put into a cake. >> looks super good althoug i think i rathe he eo crumes ice eam. >>ou can heoreooo i crmit th. >> he is jusmashinghrou thenkvios. what's up guys. just kidding. i'm goi to sma my own bre away window. >> first vicm. [ laughing ] >> wreou lghingat? >> when i catch you. >> youreng to die. he explainshat just happened.
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>> >>t's ahd. >>re's a three c for you. >> those guys immiatelyun terthem. >> so you fool a get hurt. hurt. chem dirty. >> now here's two mor people coming. coming. [ bleep ]. >> it's , is fine. >> whatou doing? >>s fa it'sot a real hammer. >> he'sarng peoe tha he thinks he'll g a br retion out of bhehing is if you tht thatnybody is prone to react thay.
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te. >> announcer: thfollowing is a paid presentation for cize broughto youy beacody.this is e enof exeise. geady tze iup. [ beat drops ] [ peop cheerg ]
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5, 6, 7, 8! >> on myayn i'ma take >> sp exercisi, people. it'sime to srt danng. welce to cize. annoucize i aldance progra that gna make losi weight fun and easy.>> to meit's n eveexercise becausi dot want tst >> announcer: it simple -- dance, have fun, and get asome results. >>t's just like one big pay turns on. it's so powering >> i spentars of torturous exercis. cize, 45 pous down ey. >> it's just f. i think that that's the is that it doesn'fe like work. exercise is sometou have to do. cize is something you'll want do you n'believe what 30 days of cize will do for yo >> feel the lo >> it doesn't matter how old you are, how mucweig have tolose. it's the first progr for everyone. >> announc: shaun choreographs six ro, and brea them downo you can got your ownpace while still getting an awesome workout.>> i'ma break itown for you st by ep. every mont in zeyou've
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>> he relates evytng to everyday life, like puttg a sock on. >>ou go to put a pair of s on. that's all you're doing. sock on, sswin and clap. boom. >> shaun t. dance resulte, you can't geanything bette an that. >>oue gonna befocud on leng the choreography, beforeou know it, you'll be drenched in sweat. >> after each and every cize routine, i was drehed. >> lerally sweat my butt off every sing day, but it just didn't feel likeork becait was so eoyable. >> i feel the ve >> with cize, it's like a cebration. u don'alize that it's workt. >> ts is tnd of ercise t trt and believe, y will lose the weight. >> i push couch e, i k up t volumnd it dae. >>ize is it. you dance. you get results >> bei2 and lo 62 pods is sing fo. i did not thi would se this mh weight dng. >> evething i'd done in th st didt work. cize didn't feel like excise at all. i'm in my living room ju havi a dan party.
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unds, and i'm finitely gonna keep cizing it up. >> it's ti to start dancing. no ph-ups, no power jumps. this is thofrc i'm feeling the le >>nnouncer: so keep watching to see why millions of people are sang gooye to exercise anhello osing weight t fun way thize. >> i'mot gacto exercising theay that i used to. >> i final found a proam that i can do in my hous and it showeresults. >>ize is an addiion. >> announc: and also learn how u can try cize in your home risk-frefor days. once mebody ds ci, the nna nt to keepoing it. i don'want to st. it's so much fun. i'm dicted to cize. >> stop exercising and start dancg. welcome to cize. time to make yosweat time clap sh ] >> when i rst hed ab ci, i eded to do something w and get my mind f of the weight loss,ecause it was so consg th i cn't en focus on anying else. d so twas avingrac


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